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What is DearMail?

DearMail is an Bulk email solution built by tech entrepreneurs to address the needs of small & medium businesses for their professional email campaigns.

SMBs can use DEARMAIL to send their newsletter and personalized one-to-one email communications to customers.


All customers have a customer lifecycle with your company or brand. They start when they become a customer, are active as they make a certain number of purchases or site visits, and then lapse or exit your brand. Email is a reliable, robust and cost effective way to both acquire new customers and also to make your existing customers repeat, loyal customers.


A bimonthly or monthly newsletter is very nice way of keeping in touch with your customers, leads and subscribers. You can send information like -

  • Announcements
  • New products
  • Special Offers
  • Free Resources
  • Festival Greetings

Your subscribers remember you and keep their memory fresh about your product or company. The newsletters bring your subscribers back to your web site once in a while. This is a good thing that they will checkout your new products or they might use 'Tell a friend' on your site.